• Assistant lecturer at University of Metz (1982-1983): introduction to consecutive interpretation (English-French).

• Seminar assistant at ETI (Ecole de Traduction et d’Interprétation), University of Geneva (1983-1987):
lecturer for 1st year English-French for English speakers; 3rd year French texts for non-French speakers; 3rd year German-French translation for French speakers.

• Free-lance lecturer at University of Grenoble III (since 2007): German-French legal translation; German-French terminology; introduction to German-French consecutive interpretation.

• Assistant lecturer at ETI, University of Geneva (since 1991):

– in the French Department: commentated English-French translation (until 2005).

– in the Interpretation Unit: English-French and German-French consecutive and simultaneous interpretation; introduction to interpretation for translators.

• Sign language interpretation coach: Lausanne 1983-1986 and Geneva 1994-1995.

• Papers published on educational issues: “Réflexions…” (reflections of a practising interpreter on conference interpretation training: methodological and educational approach) in META, Vol. 50, No. 2,
pp. 785-794, Montreal 2005.   www.erudit.org.